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Frequently Asked Questions

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Are your costs covered by insurance?

Indeed, all our services are covered in the physiotherapy portion of your insurance. However, you will have to make your claims via your insurer's platform.

How do I know if your services apply to my situation?

You can first check in our list of services. If you want more information, call us and we'll guide you.

I don't have equipment at home, can I still receive your services?

Absolutely, whether it is for home care services where we provide the necessary equipment or for telerehabilitation services where we adapt to your reality, our physiotherapists will know how to use what is available to you.

Do you offer CNESST or SAAQ services?

Unfortunately, for the moment, we do not accept patients affiliated with CNESST or SAAQ. If you are in this position, we encourage you to find a physiotherapy clinic that is a member of those agencies.

What are you doing with personal data?

We are committed to protecting your personal information. Our privacy policy and consents on clinical forms are evidence of this.





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